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Automotive methods and autonomous processes for metallic aerospace components

The overall objective of the project is the further development and optimization of three solid-state joining processes, friction stir welding (FSW), friction spot welding (RPS), and friction surfacing welding (RPS), to achieve an efficient and cost-effective production of components and assemblies while at the same time increasing structural safety through improved damage tolerance behavior. For this purpose, process-microstructure-property relationships are systematically determined for the three processes, which lead to high-quality joining properties with the shortest possible cycle times. With the development of these joining processes and their introduction in the production of components and assemblies, a weight reduction of 20% and a reduction in production time of 20% should be achieved compared to conventional mechanical fastening technologies. The knowledge gained in the initial phase of the project will be used in the final phase to realize representative examples of integral structures such as a door environment (assemblies), a sickle bulkhead, seat rails and bulkhead structures.

Project coordinator: Premium Aerotec GmbH