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Lightweight construction system for passenger trains and cruise ships by increasing material utilization and efficiency in production

The project is part of the funding line "CO2 saving and CO2 binding through the use of new construction techniques and materials". The manifold CO2 saving potentials start with the raw materials used, focus on energy consumption during long-term operation and end with disposal at the end of the product life cycle. The project aims to use lightweight construction measures to improve the products of rail vehicle and shipbuilding industries while maintaining value creation in Germany. Both OEMs are at the forefront of technology in their industries, and it is expected that significant advantages can be achieved through the exchange and concrete application and adaptation of established processes in the other industry. Here, the high adaptability of construction and design to different project requirements required in rail vehicle construction is mentioned, which can enable further optimization in shipbuilding and at the same time allows the space for the partial replacement of traditional design rules. On the other hand, the partly automated differential construction method is established in shipbuilding, which can contribute to a cost reduction in rail vehicle construction.

Project coordinator: Siemens Mobility