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Friction stir welding for improving joinability of high-performance steels for automotive components to boost green road mobility

Stir4Steel will provide efficient, environmental-friendly, and cost-effective methodologies to join advanced-high strength (AHSS), press hardening steels (PHS) and enhanced machinability steels, as well as these steels in combination with Al casts or extrusions. It will enable multi-material designs for battery trays, shock towers/front rails, B-pillars and monoblock pistons, leading to weight-optimized components, energy efficiency and lower CO2 footprint. Led by a tip-of-the-spear consortium consisting of steel producers, car manufacturers, FSW joining technologists, and innovation experts, Stir4Steel aims to pave the way for more sustainable applications and higher penetration of advanced steel grades in the automotive as well as aviation, trains, and shipbuilding sectors.

Project coordinator: Stirtec

Duration: 01.09.2021 – 31.08.2024