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Dr. Kai Logemann

Portrait Kai Logemann Hereon

Dr. Kai Logemann

Stofftransport und Ökosystemdynamik


Tel: +49 (0)4152 87-2129

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Research Interests

ocean modelling
coastal circulation
unstructured grids
marine pollutants
Icelandic waters

Social Media: researchgate.net

Current projects

Closed projects

NKS-B EFMARE (2014-2016): Effects of dynamic behaviour of Nordic marine environment to radioecological assessments: Simulation of bioaccumulation processes along the oceanic food chain around Iceland.

SEAMAN (2013-2016): Spatially resolved Ecosystem models and their Application to Marine MANagement: Implementation of the biogeochemical model ECOSMO into the operational CODE system.

MARSÝN (2010-2014): Upplýsingakerfi fyrir sæfarendur í Norður Atlantshafi: Development of an operational hydrodynamic model of Icelandic waters and the North Atlantic

NKS-B COSEMA (2012-2014): COnsequences of SEvere radioactive releases to Nordic MArine environment: Simulation of the dispersal of radioactivity from selected locations in the North Atlantic

Ministry of Fisheries Special Project (Iceland) (2006-2010): Development of a three-dimensional, high-resolution hydrodynamic model for Icelandic waters

EU-METACOD (2002-2006): numerical modelling of the North Atlantic circulation focusing on Icelandic and Scottish shelf seas. Further development of CODE mainly concentrated on grid cell organisation, parametrisation of turbulence and higher order advection algorithms. Analysing the paths and origins of Atlantic, Arctic and Polar waters flowing through Denmark Strait.

ARKTIEF (2000-2002): Modelling the North Atlantic circulation with focus on bottom boundary processes in the deep Greenland Sea and the related vertical heat and salt fluxes. Development of a numerical ocean model (CODE) including adaptive mesh refinement on Cartesian coordinates.

EU-STEREO (1999-2000): numerical modelling of the north-eastern North Atlantic circulation (with HAMSOM). Development of a statistical tool (SNAC) which computes probable flow fields relating to air pressure records of surrounding airports.

Work Experience

since 2017: Institute of Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Geesthacht, Germany
2006 - 2016: School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
1999 - 2006: Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg, Germany


Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography (2004-2007): Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg, Germany

Diploma in Oceanography (1992-1998): University of Hamburg, Department of Geosciences, Studies of oceanography (main subject), meteorology, geo-physics (solid earth) and fluid dynamics