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Dr. Déborah Benkort


Dr. Déborah Benkort

Stofftransport und Ökosystemdynamik


Tel: +49 (0)4152 87-1540

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Research interest

My main research interest is the understanding of bio-physical interactions in the marine ecosystem dynamic using modelling approaches. My current research focus on the Barents Sea ecosystem (Arctic region) and to the implementation of sea-ice biogeochemistry and its interaction with the pelagic and benthic food web. I am currently working with the biogeochemical model ECOSMO which is coupled to the regional circulation model SCHISM. During my PhD, my research focused on the krill dynamic in the subpolar region of the Gulf of St Lawrence on Canadian east coast. I developed an Individual Based-Model (IBM) to study growth and reproduction phenologies of krill at different spatio-temporal scales.

Current projects

MiMeMo funded by BMBF/NERC

Closed projects

Production and consumption of krill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: toward an ecosystem-based stock assessment

Current Position

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Institute for Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modelling, Geesthacht, Germany


September 2014 – April 2019Ph.D. Oceanography, University Laval, Canada
September 2011 – September 2013MSc. Oceanography, specialty Marin Environment, University of Aix-Marseille, France

Employment and working history

August 2016 – September 2016Research assistant, Takuvik, University Laval, Scientific Cruise (Amundsen ship)
April 2013 – September 2013Research assistant, Laboratory of Aquatic Sciences, UQAC, Canada [Master’s Degree Internship]