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Mariana Miracca-Lage


Mariana Miracca-Lage

Kleinskalige Physik und Turbulenz


Tel: + 49 (0)4152-87 1547

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My research is associated to the collaborative project TRR181 "Energy Transfers in atmosphere and ocean" (https://www.trr-energytransfers.de/).
I am currently working on ocean surface layer energetics, and I am mostly interested in small-scale turbulence and energy budgets of the surface mixed layer. I am working with observations from gliders.


2021 – ongoingPh.D. student in Physical Oceanography Universität Hamburg (UHH)/ Helmholtz-Zentrum hereon
2018 – 2020M.Sc. in Physical OceanographyUniversidade de São Paulo (USP)
2011 – 2017 B.Sc. in Oceanography Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

Research Experience

Feb, 2018 – Sept, 2020Master thesis The role played by density in meso and large scale ocean dynamicsSatellite Oceanography Lab, USP
Jul, 2015 – Jul, 2017Bachelor thesisEquatorial waves in the Atlantic ocean and their influence on phytoplanktonSatellite Oceanography Lab, USP
Jul, 2014 – Jul, 2015Scientific traineeship Geomorphological analysis of bathymetric data of Gran Canarias’ continental shelf (Canary Islands, Spain)Sedim. in Continental Margins Lab, USP
May, 2013 – Aug, 2013Scientific traineeshipFish movements in the Strait of GeorgiaMemorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Dec, 2011 – Dec, 2012Scientific traineeshipSterol characterization in the Abrolhos Bank, BrazilMarine Organic Chemistry Lab, USP