One important part of our work is the cooperation with other research institutes, public institutions and companies. We have participated in multiple national and international projects. Some of the current projects are described below.

AcronymTitleFundingContact PersonRuntime
Black Sea CONNECTCoordination of marine and maritime research and innovation in the Black SeaEU (H2020)Joanna Staneva2019 - 2022
BluEsBlue_Estuaries - Nachhaltige Ästuar Entwicklung unter Klimawandel und anderen StressorenBMBFJohannes Pein2020 -2023
BS-MFC Add-OnCMEMS Black Sea Monitoring Forecasting Centre Phase 2 Add-on Joanna Staneva2021
CLICCSCluster of Excellence -Climate, Climate Change and SocietyDFGParticipating scientists from the department of Hydrodynamics and Data Assimilation:
Dr. Joanna Staneva, Dr. Johannes Pein, Dr. Sebastian Grayek, Thi Thao Nguyen
2019 - 2025
COASTAL-RISKS Predicting risks of the German Bight Coasts under extreme storm events Benjamin Jacob 2022 - 2024
COPERNICUS - Marine Enviroment Monitoring Service (CMEMC) Black SeaCOPERNICUS - Marine Enviroment Monitoring Service (CMEMC) Black SeaMercator OceanJoanna Staneva2018 - 2023
DANUBIUS-RIEuropäische Forschungsinfrastruktur zur Untersuchung von Fluss-Meer-Systemen Joanna Staneva, Johannes Pein 
DOORSDeveloping Optimal and Open Research Support for the Black SeaEUJoanna Staneva2021 - 2025
DWD VertragBeratung und Support im Rahmen des DWD Projektes 2WICWAMDWDMarcel Ricker2019 - 2023
EDITO-Model Lab Underlying models for the European Digital Twin OceanEUJoanna Staneva2023 - 2025
EO4BSPBlack Sea Environmental ProtectionESAJoanna Staneva2020 - 2022
ESMAdvanced Earth System Modelling Capacity - ESMHGFCorinna Schrum, Joanna Staneva, Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Burkhardt Rockel2017 - 2021
IMMERSEImproving Models for Marine EnviRonment ServicesEU (H2020)Joanna Staneva2018 - 2022
JERICO-S3 (KS Teil)Joint European Research Infrastructure of Coastal Observatories: Science, Service, SustainabilityEUJohannes Schulz-Stellenfleth 2020 - 2024
NECCTONNew Copernicus capability for trophic ocean networks Participating scientists from the department of Hydrodynamics and Data Assimilation: Joanna Staneva2023 - 2026
OceanCurrentsOceanCurrents - Verbundprojekt WTZBMBFJohannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Joanna Staneva2019 - 2023
OLAMUROffshore low-trophic aquaculture in multi-use scenario realizationEUJoanna Staneva2023 - 2026
REST-COASTLarge scale restoration of coastal ecosystems: river to sea connectivityEUJoanna Staneva2021 - 2026
SEA-ReCapResearch Capacity Building for healthy, productive and resilient Seas - European PartneringHGFJoanna Staneva2021 - 2025
SeaStar SciRec ESAJoanna Staneva 
Weiterentwicklung des Regionalen Ozeanmodells Zentrum Geoinfo der BundeswehrJoanna Staneva2020 - 2021
X-WakesInteraktion der Nachläufe großer Offshore-Windparks und Windparkcluster mit der marinen atmosphärischen GrenzschichtBMWiJohannes Schulz-Stellenfleth 2019 - 2022