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Introduction of XInvoice in accordance with eGovernment Law (EGovG)

From 27 November 2020, electronic invoicing will be mandatory when invoicing for orders exceeding 1,000 euros without tax (in line with the eInvoicing Act of 04/04/2017 (BGBI. I, 770 et seq.) and the eInvoicing Ordinance of the German Federal Government (E-RechV)).

Exceptions to this obligation are set out in Sec. 3 (3) of the Federal eInvoicing Ordinance. We hereby request that you make use of the available eInvoicing options.

Electronic invoices should be transmitted using the federal government's invoice receipt platform (OZG-RE), which is available at For the invoice to be correctly assigned to Hereon, it is mandatory that you provide our route identification number 992‐80187‐74.

You can also send us XInvoices directly by email to

Please understand that from 27/11/2020 onwards, we will not accept invoices in paper form by mail or fax.

Further information you can get in our letter of information.

Letter of information Xinvoice (PDF) (275 KB)