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Data Management Coastal Research

The “Data Management Coastal Research” department operates the Helmholtz Coastal Data Center (HCDC) and is the central contact point for data collected by coastal researchers. We manage data from observatories, ship campaigns and from numerical models. We publish this data for the scientific community and for the general public in the formats agreed upon by the various user groups. The department supports scientists in data management as well as by developing and providing tools and services. We assist in data management from collection to making the data available in the long term. The HCDC develops comprehensive data and information infrastructures, which, with their wealth of solutions, are part of the Helmholtz initiative for information infrastructures (DataHub/MareHub). Our infrastructures at HCDC provide the connection to national and international research data infrastructures, such as NFDI and EOSC.

Ulrike Kleeberg
Ulrike Kleeberg

Head of department

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