Heroimage Institut Fuer Metallische Biomaterialien
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Institute of Metallic Biomaterials

Human life expectancy is increasing, and more and more people go in for high-risk sports. Against this background, the Institute of Metallic Biomaterials develops novel materials for medical implants based on titanium and magnesium. One target is to improve biocompatibility of permanent titanium implants by developing non-toxic alloys and adapting the materials to the mechanical properties of the bone. Another focus is laid on magnesium alloys that degrade over time in the body. By adding pharmaceutically active elements, such as antimicrobial silver, to the alloys novel regenerative or therapeutic effects are intended to become effective during magnesium degradation. Our work covers the entire process chain, including studies in animal models as well as the intensive utilization of in situ methods.


Magnesium: Solutions in Medicine

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