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Together with the Institute of Materials Research of the Helmholtz Center Geesthacht, the University of Hamburg, Technical University of Hamburg and the industrial partner Zoz GmbH, we work in the BMBF project HyScore ("Efficient H2 storage through novel hierarchically porous core-shell structures with embedded light metal hydrides"). The joint project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Research (BMBF) with two million euros.

This involves the development of new hydrogen storage tanks to be used later in hydrogen-powered vehicles. One possible drive could be the fuel cell.
Nevertheless, there are some problems to solve at first. Currently pressure tanks with 350 or 700 bar are used. Due to the high pressures, these tanks have to be made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) and a lot of energy is needed to compress the hydrogen. Therefore in the joint project "HyScore" novel metal hydride tanks are to be developed, which make it possible to save the hydrogen cheaper and easier.

Our goal is to develop a composite of light metal hydrides, nanoporous carbon and a nanoporous polymer matrix. Here, the carbon performs the heat transfer in the material and the polymer ensures a stabilization of the material as well as a good hydrogen supply of the light metal hydrides.
While our colleagues from the Institute of Materials Research focus on the metal hydrides, we focus on the development of the polymer matrix.