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The equipment of the department “Instrumental Structure Analysis” includes various methods of light and electron microscopy.

Transmission electron microscope

Transmission electron microscope Tecnai G2F20 of Fei

Photo: Hereon/general

Tecnai G2 F20 (Fei)

• 200kV, Field emission gun
• EFTEM, EELS (GIF2002, Gatan)
• EDX-Analysis (EDAX)
• HAADF (Fischione)
• Cryotransfer specimen holder
• Tomography

Scanning electron microscope

Scanning electron microscope Merlin of Zeiss

Photo: Hereon/general

Merlin (Zeiss)

• 30kV, Field emission gun
• Detectors: SE, BSE, EsB, STEM

Scanning electron microscope

Scanning electron microscope Leo  Gemini of Zeiss

Photo: Hereon/general

LEO Gemini 1550 VP (Zeiss)

• 30kV, FEG
• Detectors: SE, BSE
• EDX-Analysis (EDAX)

Atomic force microscope

Atomic force microscope Multimode 8 of Bruker

Photo: Hereon/general

MultiMode 8 (Bruker)

• Nanoscope Controller V
• Measuring Modes
- Tapping Mode®
- Contact Mode
- PeakForce Modes
- ScanAsystTM
- Conductive AFM
- Kelvin Probe AFM
- Tunneling AFM
• Accessories
- Temperature Control: -35°C to 250°C
- Fluid cell, Gas cell
- ScanAsystTM HR

Leica light-optical microscope

Light-optical microscope of Leica

Photo: Hereon/general

Leica DMLM

• Reflected / transmitted light
• Objectives:10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
• Phase contrast
• Heating / cooling table
• Temperature control system TMS94 (Linkam)
-196°C to 600°C

Raman microscope (dispersive)

Raman microscope Senterra of  Bruker

Photo: Hereon/general

Senterra (Bruker)

• excitation laser: 785nm and 532nm
• Objective lens: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x