Heroimage Institut Fuer Kuestensysteme Analyse Und Modellierung
Helmholtz Research Field: Earth and Environment

Institute of Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling

We aim at increasing understanding on how physical, biological, chemical and socio-economic processes are shaping complex coastal systems and drive variability and change of coastal systems.

Overarching goal is the identification of key drivers of variability through a combination of observations, mechanistic and statistical modelling and data analysis. Both, natural and anthropogenic drivers are addressed and the changes are analysed from a physical, ecological and socio-economic perspective to foster a holistic understanding of the coastal system.

Our research focuses on:

(1) atmosphere-ocean interactions,
(2) the dynamics and fluxes in the land-sea transition,
(3) the coupling of the marine hydrosphere and biosphere,
(4) the assessment of state, variability and long-term changes of the coastal system,
(5) human impacts to coastal system.