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Helmholtz Research Field: Earth and Environment

Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry

North Sea expedition (Photo: Hereon/Christian Schmid)

At the Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry, the search for pollutants in the ocean is a major focus of research. Photo: Hereon/Christian Schmid

The scientists at the Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry identify novel and already recognized pollutants, their sources, transport pathways and their marine environmental spread. How the substances affect organisms and ecosystems is also researched and assessed. At the institute, the researchers possess a unique chemical analysis infrastructure with which they can study environmental samples and detect pollutants. The spectrum includes several hundred classic and new organic pollutants, microplastics and nanomaterials, numerous elements, isotopes and radionuclides. The institute also employs complex modeling methods with which the behavior and fate of the pollutants in the coastal region can be studied and assessed. Training and promoting emerging scientists are a high priority for us.

The Institute for Environmental Chemistry in Coastal Regions comprises the following departments:

Inorganic Environmental Chemistry Organic Environmental Chemistry Chemistry Transport Modeling Environmental Radiochemistry Logistics and Organization