Heroimage Institut Fuer Umweltchemie Des Kuestenraumes
Helmholtz Research Field: Earth and Environment

Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry

The scientists at the Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry identify novel and known pollutants, their sources, transport pathways via the coasts, and their dispersal into the marine and polar environments. The Institute possesses a unique chemical-analytical infrastructure. This infrastructure enables us to process a comprehensive spectrum of several hundred classic and novel organic pollutants. Furthermore, we carry out analyses of numerous elements, stable isotopes and radionuclides as well as microplastics and nanomaterials. Additionally, the Institute has at its disposal complex methods for chemical modeling with which the behavior and fate of pollutants in the coastal regions can be studied and evaluated. The Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry consists of the following departments: Inorganic Environmental Chemistry, Organic Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Radiochemistry, Chemistry Transport Modeling, and Logistics and Organization.

Press Release

First lockdown brought better air

Hereon scientists investigate the link between the first corona-induced lockdown and air quality in Central Europe

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Photo Ludwig Prandtl II Model

Planning for Ludwig Prandtl II moves on

The new Hereon research ship already consists of more than a few designs

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Hereon Anreicherung im Labor Umweltchemie

Many products used on a daily basis contain chemicals. Those chemicals provide products with the desired characteristics. It is important to understand the effects of these persistent organic pollutants and susbtances.

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