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Physical-Biological Interactions

Preparing the Towed Instrument Chain (TIC) at the speedboat EDDY

Preparing the Towed Instrument Chain (TIC) at the speedboat EDDY -image: Christian Schmid/Hereon-

Physical and biological processes in the coastal ocean are inextricably linked. They span several temporal and spatial scales. In order to comprehensively understand how the marine coastal ecosystem functions and how it reacts to natural and anthropogenic disturbances, we require a holistic representation of these processes. For this purpose, we in the “Physical-Biological Interactions” department use modern, multidisciplinary observation and modeling techniques as well as innovative data analyses tools. Using these tools and techniques, our team of scientists, technicians and engineers develops solutions that ultimately contribute to the sustainable utilization of coastal ocean ecosystem services.
The department is also contributing to the Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas (COSYNA) and is investigating the impact of large-scale offshore windfarm construction on the North Sea.


Taking water temperature measurements from the zeppelin. Ocean eddies are small and short-lived and are therefore difficult to measure. Special cameras help to capture them with precision.
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