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Dr. Martin Hieronymi

Martin Hieronymi

Dr. Martin Hieronymi

Optical Oceanography

Head of Department

Phone: +49 (0)4152 87-2028

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Research interests

Martin Hieronymi studied Ocean Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and received a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from Kiel University in 2011.
Since 2021, Martin is team leader of the department Optical Oceanography in the Institute of Carbon Cycles. Martin's research area is marine optics and satellite remote sensing, whereby special emphasis is put on:

1) Measurements of underwater photo-synthetically available radiation, ocean colour, and inherent optical properties of seawater,
2) Radiative transfer in the atmosphere-ocean system with special interest in light interactions at the wavy air-sea interface, and
3) Development of algorithms for the retrieval of optical properties and constituents of natural water bodies.

More information can be found at ResearchGate.