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coastMap - the marine Geoportal of the Institute of Coastal Research

coastMap is the marine Geoportal of the Institute of Coastal Research. It combines analyses and model data on seafloor conditions and those in the overlying water column with a focus on the North Sea and the atmosphere. It provides access to data of the Hereon and its partner institutions. Focus areas of the portal are campaign data, model-based estimates and edited accounts of scientific topics. coastMap will be a part of the new Helmholtz Coastal Data Center.

Campaign Data Research Vessel Ludwig Prandtl

Access to the database for campaign data. Various search criteria can be used as filters and the data can be downloaded as shape or CSV files.

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Model Data Residual currents in the North Sea

Access to various model data with further information and applications. These can be displayed interactively and be downloaded.

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Spotlights Schematic of the Wadden Sea

In this section the interested public can find edited scientific information in the form of Spotlights that are added by map and information material.

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