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Institute of Active Polymers

Fundamental research at the Institute of Active Polymers is focused on multifunctional, polymer-based materials for applications in Regenerative Medicine. The vision for tomorrow´s medicine is spectacular but challenging at the same time: to enable the regeneration of diseased or injured tissue, cells and complex organs or to at least partially restore their function. Novel biomaterials are providing a basis and constitute a key technology for induced auto-regeneration, especially in combination with bioactive molecules. Furthermore, they have a high application potential as support systems for somatic cell therapy and tissue engineering.

The research of the Institute, headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Lendlein, is contributing to solve problems arising with the socio-economical change of our society: The progressing life expectancy as well as changing everyday physical strains are leading to an increase of degenerative, chronic inflammatory, and age-related diseases whose symptoms can often only be alleviated yet not cured. The development of regenerative therapies aims at curative treatment options enabling the restoration of impaired functions by endogenous healing- and regeneration processes or biological replacement. Innovative biomaterials open up entirely new medical possibilities as implants or drug releasing systems with properties and functions tailored specifically to the demands of each application.