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Helmholtz Research Field: Information

Institute of Active Polymers

Our society is in a constant state of change. Increasing life expectancies as well as changes in lifestyle lead to new challenges for the healthcare system and for the age-appropriate design of living spaces.
Through biomaterial-based regenerative therapy approaches, we would like to facilitate gentle and efficient treatment of even complicated disease patterns. By developing adaptive assistance systems and technologies for age-appropriate infrastructure, we want to help ensure that life in a private home environment is successful for as long as possible.
For this purpose, we implement a wide variety of functions selectively in materials through chemical integration or physical structuring. These functions can be employed individually or in combination and thus have a wide variety of properties. Digital methods in design and manufacturing are increasingly utilized in our working processes.


Andreas Lendlein Named Fellow of Materials Research Society

The MRS Fellows programme recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of materials research.

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