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Digital Twin of the ocean

Dr Joanna Staneva and Kelli Johnson presented in Brussels about the European Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO)

At the Digital Ocean Forum 2024 event, which took place in Brussels, Belgium on June 13, 2024, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon gave presentations and interactive demos for the European Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO). Dr Joanna Staneva, Department Head and Kelli Johnson, Scientific Project Manager at the Hereon Institute of Coastal Systems – Analysis and Modeling presented about Nature Based Solutions and the sustainable blue economy.

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Facts for Brussels: The Hereon-presentations showed impacts on the Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO). Photo: Hereon/ Kelli Johnson

This event was organized by the European Commission with support from Mercator Ocean International and the Flanders Marine Institute, under the auspices of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU. It began on June 12 with a technical scientific workshop and continued with the unveiling of the DTO prototype and feedback discussions and engagement on June 13. The goal of this event was co-design and co-development of the DTO among experts, stakeholders, policymakers, and interested citizens towards a more sustainable future ocean.

President Ursula von der Leyen’s 2022 announcement at the One Ocean Summit laid the groundwork for this initiative, underlining the EU’s commitment to the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters.

This forum showcased how the EU DTO aligns with the Green Deal and the UN Decade of Science for Sustainable Development, and demonstrated its potential to drive blue economies, support ocean conservation, and provide actionable knowledge for informed decision-making.

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