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Dr. Natalia A. Tarazona Lizcano at the Berlin Science Week

On 05.11.2022, the micro- and molecular biologist gave a talk about her research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon as part of the programme section "Apocalypse now! Research, Solutions and Citizen Science" and answered questions on the topic "The plastics dilemma, how can microbes help us?"

For seven years now, Berlin Science Week has been presenting a rich programme that offers society insights into current research and innovation in science, evokes discussions about the great challenges of our time, and encourages inspiring encounters in diverse and engaging formats. This year, from 01-10 November 2022, over 200 events were organised under the guiding theme "Paradigm Shift. Co-Creating a Sustainable Now."


Dr. Natalia Andrea Tarazona Lizcano
Foto: Hereon/ Lisa Depenbrock

Postdoctoral researcher Natalia Andrea Tarazona Lizcano was invited by Soapbox Science Berlin to bring her research to the streets at this year's event in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. In her talk she discussed the challenges and opportunities of bio-based polymer materials for various applications and shared insights into the degradation of synthetic plastics by bacteria and their enzymes. Afterwards, an exciting discussion developed with the audience.
"I am positively surprised at how great the participation was in the following discussion. I was asked exciting detailed questions that once again show that today's environmental problems are not only a concern for us scientists, but for all citizens" said Tarazona.

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