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Research Field: Earth & Environment

A research program: Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future

Climate change, the extinction of species, environmental pollution, and the increasing vulnerability of a technological society to natural disasters are among the greatest challenges of our time. We take a systemic approach to researching our natural environment – from the land surface and the oceans to the most remote polar regions. After all, it will only be possible to plot a course into a sustainable future with in-depth knowledge of the Earth system, innovative technologies, strategic solutions, and evidence-based recommendations for policymakers. More information at helmholtz


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Stapelhub Coriolis Setcard

In its element

Pile launch of the Coriolis: The research vessel is put into water for the first time

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What influence does the Elbe have on the German Bight?

For the first time, Helmholtz researchers are holistically analyzing the input of climate gases, environmental chemicals, nano- and microplastics, and ...

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Aerial view of the pier in Tesperhude, with the Hereon site in the background. Photo: Hereon/Michael Streßer

Always in the flow

Highly polluted estuaries sometimes take decades to recover.

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