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Helmholtz initiative for Research Software Engineering Prepratory Study

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45.000 €

Scientific software is becoming increasingly important for the success of research and to generate new knowledge. However, the importance of codes for science has not yet been recognized at the national level. Also, the evaluation measures for research are not set in a way that would support sustainable work on scientific software. The situation is further complicated as the methods of conventional software engineering addressing an industrial context cannot be transferred one to one to scientific software. Therefore, Research Software Engineering (RSE) is forming as a new subject of investigation, in Europe, Germany and the Helmholtz Association.
The HiRSE projects aims at offering services for software packages developed at the Helmholtz Centers, organize workshops with between different software packages, offer a platform for collaboration between the centers, develop policies for research software engineering, support development as well as to research and develop RSE specific topics.

The following software packages are part of this initiative:

• 4C (
• Fleur (
• HEAT (
• NEST (


Dr. Daniel Höche
Dr. Daniel Höche

Head of Department

Department of Interface Modelling

Phone: +49 4152 87 1914

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Dr. Sven Berger
Dr. Sven Berger

Department of Interface Modelling

Phone: +49 4152 87 1824

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