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Humboldt Research Fellowships

Design of metal organic framework (MOF) and hybrid metal organic framework - layered double hydroxide (MOF-LDH) coatings for Zn and Mg alloys corrosion protection

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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
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Zn and Mg alloy corrosion protection stands out as one of very important industrial tasks because of their applications in biomedical implants, automobiles and batteries, etc. For such purpose, “smart” nanocontainer-based anticorrosion coatings consisting of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are commonly used due to their ability to store and release functional compounds (e.g., corrosion inhibitors) in a controllable manner.

Additionally, in this context, metal organic frameworks (MOFs) emerge as potential nanocontainer coatings considering their unique properties, including high surface areas, large porosity, tuneable pore sizes and multiple functionalities. Strong affinity interactions have been recently identified between MOFs and LDHs. These interactions open new avenues for the preparation of protective coatings combining features of both LDHs and MOFs.

This project aims to develop new protective coatings and methods for their preparation based on metal organic frameworks (MOF coatings) and on their synergistic combination with layered double hydroxides (hybrid MOF-LDH coatings). Ultimately, these hybrid versions of “smart” nanocontainers may enable us to broaden Zn and Mg alloys applications to a wider range of corrosive conditions while gaining further insight into mechanistic details of their enhanced properties and functions.


Dr. Valeryia Kasneryk
Dr. Valeryia Kasneryk

Department of Functional Surfaces

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