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Ontology-based system for more competitive manufacturing processes

Funding programme
Project start
Project end
Total budget
5.516.936 €
● TU Wien (AU)
● Goldbeck Consultinh (UK)
● Uni Bologna (IT)
● Fraunhofer (DE)
● Computational Modelling Cambridge (UK)
● DataStories (BE)
● ArcelorMittal (SP)
● Composites Evolution (UK)
● Proctr & Gamble (BE)

Today’s rapidly changing manufacturing industry needs adaptive and efficient manufacturing systems that can adjust to the changes in production materials and processes. Having this challenge in mind, the EU-funded OntoTRANS project aims to introduce an ontology-based open translation environment.

Using AI, the project will make it possible for end users to represent their manufacturing process challenges in a standard ontological form. It will also enable them to connect these challenges with relevant information sources and materials modelling solutions that can support optimal materials and process design.

Smart targeted guidance will be provided throughout the translation process via available data analysis, modelling workflow options, simulation and interpretation of contextual results. The project will help to boost competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.


Dr. Natalia Konchakova
Dr. Natalia Konchakova

Department of Interface Modelling

Phone: +49 4152 87 1963

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