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Expedient screening of corrosion inhibitors for Mg alloys

The project specifically addresses the high susceptibility of magnesium alloys to atmospheric and galvanic corrosion. A light material, so attractive to automotive and aerospace applications, yet highly susceptible to corrosion is in focus of this research work. The research objective is to identify chemical compounds that effectively inhibit corrosion of magnesium alloys. A systematic search for inhibitors of magnesium corrosion is being undertaken as opposed to the isolated data reported before. Selection from the large pool of potential candidates was based on recently discovered mechanism of detrimental effect of Fe impurities on corrosion of magnesium. Compliance of identified inhibitors with current environmental regulations is verified in a thorough study of EU regulations. The project contributes to reach beyond current developments and establish European leadership in the emerging field of inhibitors of magnesium corrosion.


Dr. Sviatlana Lamaka
Dr. Sviatlana Lamaka Head of Department

Institute of Surface Science

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