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Function integrated light weight construction of magnesium in car seat structures

• Faurecia Autositze GmbH
• KODA Stanz- und Biegetechnik GmbH
• Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt
• JUBO Technologies GmbH
• TWI GmbH

The main aim of this by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) funded project is using lightweight constructions in order to decrease the energy consumption of vehicles and thus to conserve resources and to reduce climate-damaging emissions. The benefit of the vehicles weight reduction like reduced energy consumption is independent from the engine, which is also ecologically worthwhile for vehicles with alternative engines.

The work of this project is concentrated on the weight reduction of a car seat structure using a magnesium component in the seat back. Car seats are the mechanically most loaded components in the car interior and have a significant impact on the vehicle´s weight. At the moment magnesium seat components are implemented as die cast parts for small series. The potential of weight reduction of these parts is 30 to 40 % in comparison to steel. Furthermore, wrought magnesium alloys have better mechanical properties and a better formability than cast parts. A simple substitution of steel sheets by magnesium sheets fails on the one hand on the lower strength of magnesium sheets and on the other hand on the lack of suitable joining and corrosion protection solutions. An alternative process route which combines extrusion and warm forming can be the solution to be competitive to steel components.

The options in the design of extruded profiles make it possible to integrate supporting and mounting structures which are not used in conventional sheet metal applications yet. The project FUMAS opens the opportunity to bring mechanically high loaded magnesium seat components in high volume industrial application by using this new production process and the realization of new design concepts.


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