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Future Advanced Composite Bonding and Bonded Repair

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193.000 €
• Airbus
• Fraunhofer-IFAM
• Lufthansa Technik
• Premium AEROTEC

Factor-Hereon focusses on the electrochemical properties and its impact on the bonding performance of Ti based engineering components in aircrafts. In order to have a deeper understanding of failure mechanism and, therefore, set up the most efficient Ti-joint design and related processing / pretreatment, it is necessary to perform a detailed study regarding the properties of the native oxide films on titanium as well as the titanium films after anodizing (including intermediate steps in the process).

Based on the project outcome, an optimized surface finishing via technical N4 processing (Airbus) will be designed. If quantified data on the film feedback are available, the engineering and construction chain can be adjusted, towards minimal risks of failure of e.g. Ti-CFRP structural bonds.


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