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Core Topics

  • Enhancement and optimization of binder-based sintering technologies applied to magnesium and titanium alloys.
  • Generation of scientific knowledge on the sintering process as well as on the impact of impurities like oxygen and carbon during processing. Goal is the development of robust alloys optimized for the processing by sintering in order to facilitate the industrial application.
  • Accompanying these developments by modelling and simulation aiming at a digital twin of a product manufactured by sintering. Currently, we focus on the modelling of the sintering process.
  • Optimization of the properties of sintered components with respect to the requirements of the appplication. Generally, this concerns mostly the statical and dynamical mechanical properties; however, in the case of magnesium also the degradation properties are considered.
  • Tailoring of these properties by exploiting the special possibilities of utilizing powders and of additive manufaturing techniques.