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The following processing techniques are available to the Magnesium Process Technology department:

Dosing furnaceRauch MDO 70, melting and dosing furnace 
Melting furnace0.05-100 kg 
Vacuum furnaceALD VIM6 II Mg, max. 30 kW 
High Shear Rotor/Stator MixerZYOMAX, for shearing of and particle dispersion in magnesium melt 
Wire-drawing machineMüller Engineering EZ6.01; Wire diameter: Ø6,0 - Ø2,0 mm; 
Wire-drawing machineMüller Engineering EZ2.01; Wire diameter: Ø2,0 - Ø0,2 mm 
Alloy analysisSpectrolab M, analysis of metallic materials via spark emission spectrum analysis, spectrophotrometry, wet-chemical analysis, X-rayfluorescence-analyser Bruker Explorer S4 
Viscosymeter, RheometerAnalysis of melt flow 
Permanent mould direct chill casting equipmentSeveral shapes 
Casting spirals, chillsSolidification analysis under different circumstances 

Further manufacturing processes and the characterisation of materials are implemented together with other research groups at Hereon, as well as in cooperation with research and industrial partners.