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Institute of Membrane Research


The long-standing expertise of the Institute of Membrane Research in Geesthacht is in the development of membranes and membrane technology. The development of (multi-functional) polymers supplies new materials. According to the Helmholtz mission our research contributes to clarify the grand challenges facing society, science and industry in the following areas:

  • Separation of climate-demaging or efficiency reducing gases
  • Introduction of energy-saving or with respect to their energy consumption sustainable processes
  • Developments in the field of health in response to the increasing life span
  • Global availability of clean drinking water and industrial water

We use the value chain from basic research to industrial application. Close networking with universities and other partners is ensured through common third-party projects. Cooperation with industrial companies allows to align our research directly on application-related issues and to speed up the path from the laboratory to industrial application.

Our work mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • Design and synthesis of tailor-made polymers for special membrane-based separation processes
  • Basic research on the development of self-assembling membranes based on block copolymers for medical and environmental technology, "switchable" membranes
  • Development and optimization of membranes and processes for the production of membranes for gas and liquid separation
  • Design of membrane-based separation processes, including module development up to the operation of test devices