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Membrane technology has a high potential to make numerous industrial processes more environmentally friendly and resource saving. A crucial prerequisite for successful entry into industrial application is the provision of the new materials and technologies in sufficient order of magnitude and their testing under realistic operating conditions.

What works well on a laboratory scale should also be used successfully in industrial applications. That will be driven along in the PTC by upscaling of the methods for polymerisation, characterisation, processing and piloting of polymers respectively the membranes produced therefrom.

The expertise of the Institute of Polymer Research in membrane development and membrane technology for gases (e.g. carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, methane) and liquids (e.g. water, organic solvents) will be made available pooled via the PTC to external users, wherein both, partners from the industry as well as from universities and research institutes are addressed.

To work out together appropriate solutions for separation processes up to application readiness, is the main aim of the PTC.