Technologie Hero Istock-1352825159 Gorodenkoff

Objectives and future portfolio

  • Upscaling of the preparation of various polymers, especially block copolymers, in application relevant magnitude (0.1 to 1 kg scale)
  • Investigating scientific questions regarding the influence of the process parameters on material properties in the synthesis and processing of larger material quantities, e.g. the mechanical properties of polymers (plastics) under pressure from gases
  • Solvent-free membrane preparation (foam extrusion, sintering)
  • Pilot plant infrastructure in a modular design for rapid deployment of customised system configurations
  • Explosion-proof gas permeation pilot plant for studying the separation behaviour of various membranes and membrane modules for different gas mixtures at pressures up to 60 bar and in a temperature range from -20 to 100° C
  • Techno-economical assessment and system optimisation with respect to specific applications