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T9000 FSW Roboter System

Processes and Components
The T9000 robot is used for friction stir welding, stationary shoulder friction stir welding, friction processing and hybrid friction diffusion bonding. The processes can be performed position or forced controlled. Process parameter like torque, axial force and radial force can be recorded while the process is performed. The T9000 consists of the moveable gantry, the moveable tricept module (three linear actuators, one sliding tube, wrist), the spindle,the table and the control desk. The acting components give the T9000 five axes and an accuracy of 50µm. Generally this robot concept is in use for machining big parts in the railway vehicle industry.

Technical Data
• Tricept Module
• Actuator stroke: 1m
• Actuator acceleration: 4 m/s²
• Actuator velocity: 24m/min
• Actuator force continous: 20kN
• Actuator force peak: 40kN
• Axis 4 rotational angle: 640°
• Axis 4 rotational acceleration: 715°/s²
• Axis 4 rotational velocity: 145°/s
• Axis 4 torque continous: 1961Nm
• Axis 4 torque peak: 4900Nm
• Axis 5 rotational angle: vertical=0° - 55°
• Axis 5 rotational acceleration: 400°/s²
• Axis 5 rotational velocity: 90°/s
• Axis 5 torque continous: 980Nm
• Axis 5 torque peak: 2450Nm
• Wrist axial thrust: 60kN
• Wrist radial thrust: 15kN

• Weight: 220kg
• Number of revolutions: 6000 1/min
• Torque: 90Nm
• Tool diameter: 2mm - 25mm
• Axial stroke for force control: 20mm

• Dimensions: 6m * 2,4m