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Dr.-Ing. habil Nikolai Kashaev

Nikolai Kashaev

Dr.-Ing. habil Nikolai Kashaev

Laser Processing and Structural Assessment

Head of Department

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curriculum vitae

Dr.-Ing. habil. Nikolai Kashaev concluded his studies in Energy-Related Mechanical Engineering with the advanced subject of electrical aerospace engines and power plants at the Bauman University of Technology in Moscow in 2001.

Subsequently, he worked as a scientific employee at the Foundation Institute for Materials Technology in Bremen for four years. In 2005, he obtained his doctoral degree in Materials Engineering. After various activities in industry, he has been the head of the Laser Processing and Structural Assessment department at the Institut of Materials Mechanics at the Helmholtz Centre Hereon in Geesthacht since 2010.

In 2018, he qualified to lecture in Materials Engineering (German Habilitation) at the Hamburg University of Technology with the thesis “Laser welding and processing of aluminium and titanium alloys for aerospace applications”. His research interests are laser welding and processing of lightweight metallic materials, residual stress engineering, laser shock peening, damage tolerance assessment, fatigue life prediction of welded and additive manufactured components and structures.

Selected publications

  • Kashaev, N., Ushmaev, D., Ventzke, V., Klusemann, B., Fomin, F.: On the application of laser shock peening for retardation of surface fatigue cracks in laser beam-welded AA6056. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures 43 (2020) 1500-1513.
  • Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Petrov, N., Horstmann, M., Zherebtsov, S., Shaysultanov, D., Sanin, V., Stepanov, N.: Fatigue behaviour of a laser beam welded CoCrFeNiMn-type high entropy alloy. Materials Science and Engineering: A 766 (2019) 138358.
  • Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Çam⁠⁠, G.: ⁠Prospects of laser beam welding and friction stir welding processes for aluminum airframe structural applications. Journal of Manufacturing Processes 36 (2018) 571-600.
  • Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Stepanov, N., Shaysultanov, D., Sanin, V., Zherebtsov, S.: Laser beam welding of a CoCrFeNiMn-type high entropy alloy produced by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. Intermetallics 96 (2018) 63-71.
  • Kashaev, N., Pugachev, D., Ventzke, V., Fomin, F., Burkhardt, I., Enz, J., Riekehr, S.: Microstructure and mechanical performance of autogenously fibre laser beam welded Ti-6242 butt joints. Materials Science and Engineering A 694 (2017) 110-120.
  • Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Horstmann, M., Chupakhin, S., Riekehr, S., Falck, R., Maawad, E., Staron, P., Schell, N., Huber, N.: Effects of laser shock peening on the microstructure and fatigue crack propagation behaviour of thin AA2024 specimens. International Journal of Fatigue 98 (2017) 223-233.
  • Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Fomichev, V., Fomin, F., Riekehr, S.: Effect of Nd:YAG laser beam welding on weld morphology and mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V butt joints and T-joints. Optics and Lasers in Engineering 86 (2016) 172-180.
  • Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Riekehr, S., Dorn, F., Horstmann, M.: Assessment of alternative joining techniques for Ti-6Al-4V/CFRP hybrid joints regarding tensile and fatigue strength. Materials and Design 81 (2015) 73-81.
  • Kashaev, N., Riekehr, S., Erdmann, K., Carvalho, A., Nurgaliev, M., Alexopoulos, N.D., Karanika, A.: Fracture Mechanical Behaviour of Laser Beam-Welded AA2198 Butt Joints and Integral Structures. International Journal of Structural Integrity 6(6) (2015) 787-798.
  • Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Horstmann, M., Riekehr, S., Yashin, G., Stutz, L., Beck, W.: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Beam Welded Joints between Fine-Grained and Standard Ti-6Al-4V Sheets Subjected to Superplastic Forming. Advanced Engineering Materials 17 (2015) 374-382.