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The following processing and testing techniques are available:

Twin roll casterType 620-650 by Novelis, bandwidth 650 mm, roll diameter 600 mm, max. rolling speed 6 m/min, min. cast thickness 4 mm. furnace line by StrikoWestofen, max. melt volume 1000 kg/h, max. temperature 750°C
Warm- and cold millType TP09AP01 by Danieli Fröhling, rolling width 400 – 500 mm, roll diameter 360 mm, max. rolling speed 24 m/min, max. roll temperature 250°C
Duo cold-roll standType M205 by Metz, rated pressure 50 t, maximum forward speed 12 m/s
Automatic Extrusion PressExperimental Extrusion press of Müller Engineering for direct and indirect extrusion of magnesium alloys, 2,5 MN extrusion force, 0,1 - 8 mm/s Extrusion speed, Container heating up to 500°C; 4-fold winder for coiling of wires, Production of profiles and wires
Hydraulic pressType RZP 270.21 NZ from Röcher, press force 250 to 2700 kN, ram stroke 1200 mm, active drawing cushion 125 to 1250 kN, drawing cushion stroke 350 mm, tool installation height max. 1300 mm, table dimensions: 1300 mm (w) x 1000 mm (l)
Scanning electron microscopeType Ultra 55 by Carl Zeiss AG, EDX, EBSD for phase analysis and texture determination
Ultrasound generatorHielscher UP200St-G; 26 kHz, 200 W; for dispersing nanoparticles in metallic melt.
Ultrasound generatorHielscher UIP1500hdT;; 20 kHz, 1500 W; for dispersing nanoparticles in metallic melt.
high-shear mixer unitZyomax; Rotor-Stator-Shearing device, 1.5 kW, 6000 rpm max.
X-ray diffractometerType X´Pert Pro by Panalytical, 50 kV X-ray tube, phase determination, texture analysis, internal stress analysis
Optical 3D deformation analysisAramis by Gesellschaft für optische Messtechnik GOM, 2 high-resolution cameras for analysis of forming processes, recording of forming limit diagrams
Dynamic materials testing machineType FB250 by Zwick / Roell, maximum test force 250 kN, testing speed for tension and pressure tests 1–4000 mm/s, tempering chamber RT < T < 400 °C
Static materials testing machineType Z050 by Zwick / Roell, maximum test force 50 kN, testing speed 0.001–400 mm/min
Universal strip and sheet forming testing machineModel 145-60 by Erichsen, max. tensile force 600 kN, max. blank holding force 400 kN, test stroke 250 mm, Erichsen test, deep-drawing cup test Ø 33 + 50 mm, bulge test Ø 100 mm, recording of FLC Ø 50 + 100 mm, heating unit for hot-forming experiments RT < T < 300 °C
DilatometerNetzsch DIL 402 C; Measuring thermal Expansion between RT and 2000°C; sensitivity: 1.25 nm; variable heating and cooling rates; temperature cycles; atmospere: air or inert gases.
Creep testing machinesATS Applied Test Systems, Inc.; Constant stress or load; temperature between RT and 425°C; tension and compression; stress relaxation tests.