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New Instrumentation for Neutron Scattering

Schematic drawing of the BEER instrument

In the group “New Instrumentation for Neutron Scattering” new concepts for neutron instruments at continuous and pulsed neutron sources are developed. This includes the development of new critical components such as detectors or the investigation of new chopper techniques, but also the design of complete instruments from the source to the detectors, as well as their performance analysis.


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The group “New Instrumentation for Neutron Scattering” is working on the development of new instrument concepts and techniques using Monte-Carlo ray-tracing simulations programs. This includes for example the development of new chopper methods like the pulse modulation technique or the optimization of neutron guide design to increase the neutron transfer. The development within the group is a main contribution to the ESS and PIK-GGBase projects. The ESS project deals with the development and construction of a new engineering diffractometer, while within the PIK-GGBase project the performance of existing neutron instruments is optimized.

Furthermore, new components are developed and constructed. An example are new ³He-free neutron detectors based on coated converter blades, which will be used at the European Spallation Source (ESS). The blades are coated by a sputtering chamber from the “Coating Technology” group. The mechanical and physical properties of the coated converter blades are afterwards investigated.