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Selected Publications

  • Odermatt, A.E., Ventzke, V., Dorn, F., Dinsé, R., Merhof, P., Kashaev, N.:Effect of laser beam welding on microstructure, tensile strength and fatigue behaviour of duplex stainless steel 2205 Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 72 (2021) 148-158.
  • Liu, J., Wu, T., Wang, M., Wang, L., Zhou, Q., Wang, K., Staron, P., Schell, N., Huber, N., Kashaev, N.: In situ observation of competitive growth of α grains during β → α transformation in laser beam manufactured TiAl alloys. Materials Characterization 179 (2021) 111371, .
  • Schwab, K.-C., Keller, S., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B.: Tailoring of residual stresses by specific use of defined prestress during laser shock peening. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 295 (2021) 117154, .
  • Examilioti, T.N., Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., Klusemann, B., Alexopoulos, N.D.: Effect of filler wire and post weld heat treatment on the mechanical properties of laser beam-welded AA2198. Materials Characterization. 178 (2021) 111257
  • Prokhorov, A., Vshivkov, A., Plekhov, O., Kashaev, N., Fomin, F., Ozerov, M., Zherebtsov, S.: The effect of lsp on the structure evolution and self‐heating of armco iron under cyclic loading. Metals. 11 (2021) 8, 1198.
  • Zerbst, U., Bruno, G., Buffière, J.-Y., Wegener, T., Niendorf, T., Wu, T., Zhang, X., Kashaev, N., Meneghetti, G., Hrabe, N., Madia, M., Werner, T., Hilgenberg, K., Koukolíková, M., Procházka, R., Džugan, J., Möller, B., Beretta, S., Evans, A., Wagener, R., Schnabel, K.: Damage tolerant design of additively manufactured metallic components subjected to cyclic loading: State of the art and challenges. Progress in Materials Science. 121 (2021) 100786.
  • Seiler, M., Keller, S., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B., Kästner, M.: Phase-field modelling for fatigue crack growth under laser shock peening-induced residual stresses. Archive of Applied Mechanics. 91 (2021) 8, pp. 3709-3723.
  • Abbaszadeh, M., Ventzke, V., Neto, L., Riekehr, S., Martina, F., Kashaev, N., Hönnige, J., Williams, S., Klusemann, B.: Compression behaviour of wire + arc additive manufactured structures. Metals. 11 (2021) 6, 877.
  • Bock, F.E., Keller, S., Huber, N., Klusemann, B.: Hybrid modelling by machine learning corrections of analytical model predictions towards high-fidelity simulation solutions. Materials. 14 (2021) 8, 1883.
  • Bock, F.E., Herrnring, J., Froend, M., Enz, J., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B.: Experimental and numerical thermo-mechanical analysis of wire-based laser metal deposition of Al-Mg alloys. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 64 (2021) 982-995.
  • Sun, R., Keller, S., Zhu, Y., Guo, W., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B.: Experimental-numerical study of laser-shock-peening-induced retardation of fatigue crack propagation in Ti-17 titanium alloy. International Journal of Fatigue. 145 (2021) 106081
  • Kashaev, N., Groth, A., Ventzke, V., Horstmann, M., Riekehr, S., Staron, P., Huber, N.: Effect of laser heating on mechanical properties, residual stresses and retardation of fatigue crack growth in AA2024. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures. 44 (2021) 4, pp. 887-900.
  • Ozerov, M., Povolyaeva, E., Stepanov, N., Ventzke, V., Dinse, R., Kashaev, N., Zherebtsov, S.: Laser beam welding of a ti‐15mo/tib metal–matrix composite. Metals. 11 (2021) 3, 506, pp. 1-12.
  • Keller, S., Klusemann, B.: Application of stress intensity factor superposition in residual stress fields considering crack closure. Engineering Fracture Mechanics. 243 (2021) 107415,
  • Panov, D.O., Naumov, S.V., Sokolovsky, V.S., Volokitina, E.I., Kashaev, N., Ventzke, V., DInse, R., Riekehr, S., Povolyaeva, E.A., Alekseev, E.B., Nochovnaya, N.A., Zherebtsov, S.V., Salishchev, G.A.: Cracking of Ti2AlNb-based alloy after laser beam welding. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 1014 (2021) 1, 012035
  • Kashaev, N., Keller, S., Staron, P., Maawad, E., Huber, N.: On the prediction of fatigue crack growth based on weight functions in residual stress fields induced by laser shock peening and laser heating. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures. (2021)
  • Zhou, S. Y., Su, Y., Wang, H., Enz, J., Ebel, T., & Yan, M.: Selective laser melting additive manufacturing of 7xxx series Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy: Cracking elimination by co-incorporation of Si and TiB2. Additive Manufacturing 36 (2020) 101458.
  • Ageev, E.I., Andreeva, Y.M., Ionin, A.A., Kashaev, N.S., Kudryashov, S.I., Nikonorov, N.V., Nuryev, R.K., Petrov, A.A., Rudenko, A.A., Samokhvalov, A.A., Saraeva, I.N., Veiko, V.P..:Single-shot femtosecond laser processing of Al-alloy surface: An interplay between Mbar shock waves, enhanced microhardness, residual stresses, and chemical modification. Optics and Laser Technology 126 (2020).
  • Sikhamov, R., Fomin, F., Klusemann, B., Kashaev, N.: The influence of laser shock peening on fatigue properties of AA2024-T3 alloy with a fastener hole. Metals 10 (2020) 4.
  • Froend, M., Ventzke, V., Dorn, F., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B., Enz, J.: Microstructure by design: An approach of grain refinement and isotropy improvement in multi-layer wire-based laser metal deposition. Materials Science and Engineering A 772 (2020),
  • Keller, S., Horstmann, M., Kashaev, N., Klusemann, B.: Fatigue crack propagation influenced by laser shock peening introduced residual stress fields in aluminium specimens. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (2020) 617-631.
  • Kashaev, N., Ushmaev, D., Ventzke, V., Klusemann, B., Fomin, F.: On the application of laser shock peening for retardation of surface fatigue cracks in laser beam-welded AA6056. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures (2020).
  • Daandels, D., Riekehr, S., Kashaev, N., Mardaras, J., El Dine, S.Z., Heck, C.: modeling approach for the fatigue behavior of laser drilled micro perforated structural panels. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (2020) 73-87.
  • Fomin, F., Kashaev, N.: Probabilistic reliability assessment of a component in the presence of internal defects. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (2020) 488-502.
  • Sandmann, P., Nielsen, M.-A., Keller, S., Maawad, E., Staron, P., Klusemann, B.: Combined experimental–numerical study on residual stresses induced by a single impact as elementary process of mechanical peening (2020).
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