Heroimage Institut Fuer Werkstoffmechanik V2

Techniques and Equipment

Hardness testing machineZwick ZHU2.5; for instrumental penetration tests with digital measurement, control, and regulation electronics, hardness measurement head range until 200N
Dualbeam SEM/FIBFEI Nanolab200; for the micro structural characterisation and fabrication of small testing probes by Ga-ion beam, fitments e.g. EDXS und EBSD
Nano IndenterMTS XP; for the conduction of nano and micro mechanical tests, fitments e.g. CSM, DCM, until 10N
Atomic Force MicroscopePISA XE-100E; for the investigation of surfaces.

Fitments: separate x-y-z- scans, resolution: 0,05 nm in z and 0,1 nm in x-y direction, closed loop feedback