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UMATs are ABAQUS-run programs which contain a user-defined material model.

UELS are self-defined finite elemetns, which are not part of ABAQUS distribution.

The development of the UMATS for the different types of models described below was accomplished in our institute. Those which are no longer in the test-stage but whose numeric stability and applicability on structures have been verified, may at this stage be acquired by us. The UMATs cost 1000 Euro/UMAT for universities/research institutes. Specaial rates for industries are available.

The UMATS deal with the following programs with documentations:

  • GTN Model: Rate-dependent formulation of the Gurson, Tvergaard and Needleman models for ductile metals (isotropic hardening). Guidance on the use of these models is available here as a pdf-document and is free to download.
  • GTN Model: Rate-independent formulation of the Gurson,Tvergaard and Needleman models for ductile metals (kinematic hardening).
  • Rousselier Model: "Phenomenological " damage model for ductile metals.
  • Cohesive zone element: able to describe material separation using different traction-separation-laws.

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