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André Neves, M.Sc.

Foto André Neves

André Neves , M.Sc.

System design for mobility

PhD Student

Phone: +49 (4152) 87-2192

Fax: +49 (4152) 87-2625

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PhD. Topic

Development of a Hydrogen Storage System Based on Lithium Reactive Hydride Composite (Li RHC) Implementing the Adiabatic Tank Concept


  • Master of Science: São Carlos Federal University (UFSCar), Brazil, 2018. Master Thesis: Effect of Different Processing Routes in the Hydrogen Storage Properties of the Mg 8 wt.% Fe Composite
  • Bachelor in Materials Engineering: São Carlos Federal University (UFSCar), Brazil, 2015. Bachelor Thesis: Waste Electronic Equipment and its Collection by Cooperatives of Recyclable Material Collectors in São Carlos – SP, Brazil