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Claudio Pistidda appointed to European expert panel on hydrogen

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Claudio Pistidda is part of the expert panel. Photo: Hereon/ Steffen Niemann

Hydrogen is one of the most important energy carriers of the future. It can be produced by electrolysis using green electricity from photovoltaic systems and wind farms, and thus will serve as a valuable energy storage solution when solar and wind power are available in large quantities on sunny and windy days. The topic of hydrogen is also high on the political agenda. Last year, the federal government decided to significantly expand the hydrogen infrastructure in the coming years with the update of the National Hydrogen Strategy. This expansion requires a great deal of expertise. Therefore, experts from across Europe have recently come together to form the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, a public private partnership that supports research and innovation activities in hydrogen technologies across Europe.

This network includes specialists from numerous European research institutes and companies. As of April this year, the Clean Hydrogen Partnership has appointed Dr Claudio Pistidda from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon to its expert panel "European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity". This 15-member panel of experts from all over Europe sets essential impulses for the direction of future joint European hydrogen research. At Hereon, Claudio Pistidda is the department head for materials development in the field of hydrogen technology. Together with his team he develops safe, sustainable, and highly efficient hydrogen storage systems. We congratulate Dr Claudio Pistidda on his appointment to the renowned expert panel.

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