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Eike S. Wienken, M. Sc.

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Eike S. Wienken , M. Sc.

Infrastructure for stationary energy systems

PhD Student

Phone: +49 (4152) 87-1197

Fax: +49 (4152) 87-2625

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PhD. topic

System integration of a metal hydride-based hydrogen storage coupled to a water electrolyzer - process simulation modeling and experimental validation


  • Project engineer - Agricultural technology, Planning and project management in construction of mechanical and plant engineering, Product development with focus on: Technology of Construction and Plastics, 2015-2021.
  • Master of Science: Technische Universität Braunschweig, Brunswick, Germany, 2015. Master Thesis: Synthesis, Handling and characterization of porous composite materials doped with sulphur for lithium-sulphur batteries.
  • Study work: Technische Universität Braunschweig, Brunswick, Germany, 2014: Development and construction of a weight-optimized, modular battery container for use in the automotive industry.
  • Bachelor of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, FHWT Vechta/Diepholz/Oldenburg, Diepholz, Germany, 2012. Bachelor thesis: “Development of a two-piece floor movable in defined angles for nests of hens."
  • Training as a design draftsman: Mechanical and plant engineering, IHK Oldenburg, Germany 2011.