Technologie Hero Istock-1448230207 Wengen Ling


  • Cell isolation, cultivation and maintenance
  • Cell seeding approaches: direct seeding, centrifugation, injection, dynamic seeding with bioreactor etc.
  • Biofunctional polydopamine coating of culture vessels
  • Biocompatibility assay: cytotoxicity, apoptosis, senescence, proliferation, differentiation, angiogenesis, migration, gene and protein expression, cytoskeleton staining, morphology etc.
  • Embryoid body formation of iPSCs via hanging drop or cell mass suspension culture
  • Organoid formation of iPSCs
  • Single cell RNA sequencing library preparation
  • Single cell or cell colony manipulation via micromanipulator and stereomicroscope
  • Quantitative realtime PCR array
  • Cell differentiation on thermal responsive shape memory polymer sheet actuator
  • Label-free live cell tracking and imaging
  • Computational analysis and machine learning for high resolution cell images
  • Bio-plex cytokine array
  • Microscopies: laser scanning microscopy, fluorescent microscopy, time-lapse microscopy etc.
  • Biological atomic force microscopy for analyzing cell mechanics