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Dr. Matthias Heuchel

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Dr. Matthias Heuchel

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Matthias Heuchel is senior researcher in the department Micro-/Nanotechnology with a strong interest on modeling of transport properties of polymer systems. He studied Chemistry in Leipzig and did there his Diploma work in the Inst. of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. In 1988 he obtained there his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry with a thesis in the field of phenomenological and statistical thermodynamics of liquid mixture adsorption (Supervisor: Prof. Peter Bräuer). It follows PostDocs at Leipzig, Kent State(Ohio), Edinburgh with research work (GCMC, TPD) about thermodynamics of adsorption in microporous materials (active carbons, zeolites). In 2000, he joined the former Department of Polymer Physics (Head: Prof. Dieter Hofmann) and carried out molecular simulation of gas transport in polymer membranes (EU-projects, DFG project). Further research interests are the foam formation of polymers with supercritical gases, the thermomechanical description of polymer materials with shape memory effects, surface and interface properties with Raman microscopy, and the morphological characterization of polymer samples with micro-computed tomography. Currently, he is especially interested on modeling investigations for hydrolytic degradation of polymers.

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