Data is the basis for research and resulting knowledge. The Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon collects, calculates and prepares data of various kinds both for its own research work and in terms of knowledge transfer for transfer to third parties. These include physical, chemical and biological parameters such as e.g. temperature, salinity, waves, water levels, current, wind, nutrients and pollutants, pH, chlorophyll and algae. The data results from real-time in-situ measurements, automated measurement systems, collections, complex datasets and model calculations.

Three portals each with a specific orientation grant users and interested parties access to this data:

COSYNA is an integrated monitoring and modeling system capable of operationally and synoptically describing the environmental status of coastal waters of the North Sea and the Arctic. Many data is continuously collected by automated measuring systems and thus made available in real time. Data and data products are used to help institutions and the public to plan and work through routine tasks, to respond to emergencies, and to evaluate trends

coastDat is based on the use of near-realistic numerical model systems to describe the meteo-marine environment in regions with sparse data. Using a series of numerical models, long-term, consistent, and homogeneous, high-resolution spatial and temporal data has been generated to reconstruct marine climate aspects (storms, waves, etc.) over many decades in the past and in the future.

coastMap is a marine geoportal that combines analysis and model data of the seabed, the overlying water column in the North Sea and the atmosphere. It focuses on data from measurement campaigns, model analyzes and thematic maps from biogeochemistry, which can be selected and visualized by the user. In addition, the portal offers generally understandable scientific topics in the field of biogeochemistry.

Database COSYNA Database CoastDat Database CoastMap

COSYNA (Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas) is the integrated observing and modelling system for the North Sea and Arctic coastal waters. COSYNA provides withal data as well as knowledge tools for authorities, industry, and the public. Database


The approach of coastDat is to use quasi-realistic numerical model systems to describe the meteo-marine environment in data sparse regions. Database


The marine Geoportal coastMap provides access to existing geodata and information products of the Hereon and its partner institutions. Focus areas of the portal are campaign data, model analysis and scientific information for the interested public. Database