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New brochure shows perspectives for coastal development

North Sea Storm Surges in Climate Change, Cover

Published 2024

Due to rising sea levels, North Sea storm surges have increased. Challenges in current coastal protection call for more effective long-term approaches. With ongoing high greenhouse gas emissions, severe North Sea storm surges could rise by 1.50 meters by 2100. Coastal researchers from Helmholtz Hereon summarize scientific foundations in a brochure, aiding the development of action options. The new brochure, "North Sea Storm Surges in Climate Change – Coastal Development Perspectives," targets policymakers, planners, coastal residents, and stakeholders. online as PDF

Fish, seafood and algae in climate change

Fish, seafood and algae in climate change, Cover

Published 2023

"Blue" foods as a contribution to sustainable development.
What do we need to do to ensure that "blue" foods (fish, seafood and algae) contribute to sustainable development in a changing climate? The new handbook, developed within the framework of the research network "Coastal Sea Research North Sea-Baltic Sea" KüNO III, offers an introduction to the content and concretizes fields of action for the sustainable use of these foods in a changing climate. The Blue Food Handbook is now available online

Ocean State Report 7

Ocean State Report 7 Cover

Published 2023

von Schuckmann, K., Moreira, L., Le Traon, P.-Y., Grégoire, M., Marcos, M., Staneva, J., Brasseur, P., Garric, G., Lionello, P., Karstensen, J., and Neukermans, G. (Eds.): 7th edition of the Copernicus Ocean State Report (OSR7), Copernicus Publications, State Planet, 1-osr7, https://doi.org/10.5194/sp-1-osr7, 2023 Ocean State Report 7

The OSR reports on the state, variability, and ongoing changes in the marine environment of the global ocean and the European regional seas over the past decades up to close to real time. Using observation-based (remote sensing, in situ) and ocean reanalysis data, the OSR provides a comprehensive 4-dimensional (latitude, longitude, depth, and time) analysis of the Blue, Green, and White Ocean. The OSR is intended to act as a reference, providing a unique ocean monitoring dashboard for the scientific community and for policy makers and others with decision making responsibilities.
Hereon contributed to this report with the following peer-reviewed publications:

The Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEAR)


Published 2022

Several researchers of the Institute of Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling contributed to the The Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEAR), a Special Issue of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).
This special issue is intended to be a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the scientific topics which Baltic Earth had defined in 2013 as important fields for research. It summarizes the current state of knowledge in regional climatology, oceanography, meteorology, hydrology and biogeochemistry, as defined by the Baltic Earth Science Plan and aims to identify gaps and inconsistencies in that knowledge. Hence, the special issue wraps together the currently available knowledge on the Grand Challenges and related topics, as defined in the Baltic Earth Science Plan 2017. The Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEAR)

Meeresspiegelanstieg an der deutschen Ostseeküste


Published 2021

Download: Meeresspiegelanstieg an der deutschen Ostseeküste

Ocean State Report 5

Ocean State Report Cover

Published 2021

Ocean State Report 5

Norddeutschland im Klimawandel


Published 2020


Zweiter Hamburger Klimabericht

Hamburger Klimabericht Buchcover

Published 2018

Hamburger Klimabericht

North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment, NOSCCA

NOSSCA Report Buch Cover

Published 2016

North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment

Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin, BACC II


Published 2015

Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin

Ostseeküste im Klimawandel


Published 2012


Nordseesturmfluten im Klimawandel


Published 2008