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Research Activities

Sunset at Sylt

Sunset at our Radarstation Bunkerhill, island of Sylt, Germany. -image: Jochen Horstmann/Hereon-

The key expertise of our group is in the observation of the ocean surface and near surface in space and time using in situ and remote sensing sensors. Our group has a long history in the development and application of radar-based innovative measurement techniques for the observation of surface properties, e.g. waves, currents and winds as well as shallow water bathymetry. These techniques are applied in various activities and projects to get a better understanding of the surface and near surface processes. Ongoing fields of investigation include:

  • Dynamics of surface waves in coastal waters (interaction of waves, currents and the bottom)
  • Ocean surface winds (tropical cyclones, marine atmospheric boundary rolls, and wind gusts)
  • Ocean surface currents (fronts and eddies)
  • Development of radar measuring techniques (for wind, waves, currents and bathymetry)
  • Air-Sea interaction (surface wind flow, surface shear)