Heroimage Institut Fuer Dynamik Der Kuestenmeere Quelle
Helmholtz Research Field: Earth and Environment

Institute of Coastal Ocean Dynamics

Coastal ocean dynamics are shaped by complex interactions of physical, biogeochemical and biological processes. Small-scale processes and extreme events play a key role here, as they are often poorly understood despite their global significance. The Institute of Coastal Ocean Dynamics therefore develops innovative instruments, observation systems and high-resolution modeling to close the existing and, in some cases significant, gaps in observation and knowledge. The aim is to better assess changes in the global coasts and facilitate sustainable utilization by humans.

Photo of sailing ship Tara

Understanding the ocean better

Hereon is part of the Microbiomes expedition, which improves the analysis of small “inhabitants” of the sea

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Portrait of Burkard Baschek

An era for the coast

Burkard Baschek will become director at the German Marine Museum in Stralsund

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Press Release
Logo UN Decade

Hereon is part of the UN Decade

Two of the selected projects, which are now UN Decade Actions, also involve Hereon coastal researchers

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