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Vessel "Ludwig Prandtl"

Research vessel "Ludwig Prandtl"

Research vessel "Ludwig Prandtl" (Photo: S. Billerbeck / Hereon)

The shallow water vessel Ludwig Prandtl has a very small draught and is particularly suitable for research work in tide influenced areas such as the big north german rivers and the wadden sea. The main range of applicaition is the North- and the Baltic Sea and river mouths.

Vessel "Storch"

Vessel "Storch"

Vessel "Storch" (Photo: I. Frings / Hereon)

"Storch" is an inland navigation vessel. However, since its scientifical and tecnical expansion in spring 2004 Storch is also used in international projects for example on river Elbe, in the Netherlands and North Spain.

Measuring Systems

Measuring pile

Measuring pile (Photo: C. Schmid / Hereon)

Measuring piles like used in the Hörnum depth (Sylt) in the North Frisian Wadden Sea and in the Jadebusen (Bensersiel), East Frisian Wadden Sea are autarkic hydrographic measuring stations and serve as monitoring systems for obtional hydrographic und meteorologic parameters. The data are routed to the motherstation by wireless modem.

Measuring buoy

Measuring buoy (Photo: C. Schmid / Hereon)

Buoys, like the so called "Waverider", are placed to and fetched from their destinations as well as regularly maintained to support failure-free operation.

High performance computer

High performance computer (Photo: DKRZ)

Scientific computing needs High Performance Computers (HPC) and high performing storage infrastructure. An HPC Linux Cluster with totally 333 nodes and 2664 CPU cores is installed together with 670 TBytes of storage with a parallel filesystem. Completed with additional 10 servers, which are exclusively for post-processing, data reduction and visualization of the data generated on the HPC cluster.

We operate the infrastructure including development, maintenance and repair with the help of an external service provider. The central IT department of Hereon hosts the servers in their data center and provides space, energy and cooling.