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Culture project "Wissensstadt Berlin 2021“

The Hereon-Institute of Active Polymers participates in the first action day of the “Wissensstadt” in Berlin.


Photo: Wissensstadt Berlin/Florian Schmid

From summer to the end of the year, Berlin-based institutions as well as representatives from science and research are planning more than 100 projects across the city that will strengthen the exchange between people from science, politics and society. Numerous events, exhibitions, presentations, workshops and discussion boards invite interested people to join digitally and open-air.
On 02.07.2021 the first action day will start in front of the “Rotes Rathaus” in Berlin. The Hereon-Institute of Active Polymers will be on site with its own information stand about current research topics. In addition, Dr Schroeter will present the exciting live demonstration "Polymers: On the way to artificial muscles" on the event stage.
For further information, please follow the links below:

Website: Wissensstadt Berlin
Website: Kulturprojekte Berlin

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